Boris Bidjan Saberi – Spring / Summer 2016

With no fear of depth, Boris Bidjan Saberi sinks beneath the surface looking for unknown waters in which to dive in.

For the Spring / Summer 2016 season, the German-Persian designer draws inspiration from antique atmospheric diving suits and military scuba gear. By being based in Barcelona, Boris is constantly in contact with the sea and its elements, which have already influenced the concept of previous collections such as Sailorism in 2014. This time Saberi focused on the sense of protection that we all urge to have when diving in open waters. Summery outerwear pieces like adjustable parkas and tech jackets were created to feel safe at the bottom of the Ocean, while high-waisted thick drop-crotch leather pants and jumpsuits with diagonal zippers recalled the uniforms of frogmen. The brand’s traditional elongated and layered silhouette appears more refined season after season, stripped of any unnecessary drapes to highlight the garments’ sartorial construction and subtle detailing. With over 80% of the fabrics developed in house, Boris Bidjan Saberi brings further his textile experimentation that aims to balance the industrial appeal of treated and coated fabrics with the natural beauty of rough yarns. Charcoal, translucent grey and white tones mixed with splashes of deep blue reproduce the color palette of the sea under a cloudy sky. No matter what the weather or season, Boris’s collections keep on making waves and subverting classic menswear staples.


  • Boris Bidjan Saberi – Spring / Summer 2016

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