By the North Sea by Charlotte Navio

 Charlotte Navio shoots Sara and Helene by the rocky shore of Normandy.

With the wind at their back and the horizon as an endless set, the girls look like novel characters that once went for a walk and got lost, eventually becoming nymphes of the sea. The fresh and minimalist styling expresses the essence of the breeze and of the clear pebbles of the tiny Autumn rain. There is a spirit of purity and youthful innocence reflected in the images, which also defines the friendly relationship between the two girls. The sky meets the sea with ethereal fare.

  • By the North Sea by Charlotte Navio

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Charlotte Navio


    Alon Livne
    Coralie Marabelle
    Karoline Lang
    Léa Peckre
    Les Néreides
    Mademoiselle Slassi
    Moon Young Hee
    Nathalie Coste
    No Name
    Token Paris
    Urban Outfitters
    Victoria Tomas




    Helene @ Premium
    Sara @ Premium

    Hair & Make-up

    Mud Eigenheer

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    Armelle Semat