By Walid – Spring / Summer 2015

Clothes change our view of the world and the world’s view of us.

It’s hard to give a definition of what « luxury » is nowadays. In reaction to the general fast-consuming approach of the hyper-industrialized and globalized societies, we like to think that the value of luxury is measured through time, research and craft. Iraqi designer and consultant Walid Damirji perfectly expresses the meaning of those important attributes within is one-of-a-kind pieces. Under the label By Walid he creates outstanding garments by using vintage and antique textiles. Different ethnic traditions are stitched together in a small range of hand-made clothes. The simple patterns reveal the beauty of the pieces’ construction as well as the intriguing stories of their kaledoscopic fabrics. Indeed, the intricate textures inspire tales of forgotten worlds which come back to life through the act of wearing. The tactile experience offered by Walid’s clothing is rather unique. When the hands run over the pieces’ rich textures, they pass through ages and miles while caressing nineteenth century paisley, 1920s chinoiserie shawls, French cotton crochets, worn linens, silks, leathers and recycled furs. Each material is carefully selected and re-worked in order to be modern again. The romantic feeling of re-living the past in a contemporary way is extremely fascinating for the wearer, who takes over an eclectic melting pot of cultures and makes its own. Working from his small atelier in a converted early nineteenth century mews house, Walid Damirji keeps alive the artisanal values which make luxury a privilege for curious dreamers and cultivated élites.

Clothes do not simply adapt to the body, they tell stories and make us characters of those stories they tell.

  • By Walid – Spring / Summer 2015

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    Cecilia Musmeci


    By Walid