Call me by his name by Jeremy Benkemoun

French photographer Jeremy Benkemoun shoots Clément at 16Men and Corentin at Bananas Models in an exclusive story focused on the Chinese up-and-coming brand Cornerstone by Sun YunBenkemoun builds up a fictional narrative between the two boys, which delicately explores the theme of coming of age and the need of self-identification with the other experienced while growing up. The photographer’s lens peeks at the duo wandering around gardens and open spaced filled with European poeticism, which clashes with their streetwear appearel yet matches with their classic beauty. Relaxed and casual outfits with oversized proportions progressively leave room for tailored coats and suit-inspired pieces that introduce the characters to adulthood. The tales remains unfinished, open to the casual and uncotrolled course of events like the future of youth.

  • Call me by his name by Jeremy Benkemoun

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Clément @ 16Men

    Corentin @ Bananas Models

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    Seiya Nakamura