Cherevichkiotvichki – Fall / Winter 2016 – 2017

The shadow of the past projects onto the present as a sublte yet permanent trace. 

Victoria Andrejeva of Cherevichkiotvichki explores further the concept of Present-Past, which inspired the first part of her yearly collection that spreads over two seasons. Fuctionality and versatility define Andrejeva‘s new works. The “past” is now put into direct use to improve the “present”, and the tender reverie of memories is now turned into a book of precious knowledge.

Whereas Summer is the time for lounging around, and fall in love with impossible dreams and amusing ideals, Winter is a call back to reality, an invite to plant roots and look for a sense of comfort and belonging. Aware of this shift of moods, for the cold months Cherevichkiotvichki present pieces that convey a more serious approach to life, yet spiced up with the positevely pulse-pounding twist that became one of the brand’s signature elements. The designer Victoria Andrejeva focuses on building up a solid wardrobe for the Cherevichkiotvichki‘s woman by bringing the fit and the cuts of the clothes to sartorial perfection. Both the shoes and the garments feature little but remarkable adjustments, like longer straps for the shoe’s tops or inserts of stretch fabric at the back of over-knee boots, which revail Victoria‘s painstakingly attention to details and her constant experimentation to achieve the highest quality standards. The brand’s nature-based aesthetic is told through a selection of organic fabrics such as raw silk and thightly woven wool, developed in an earthy color palette made of rusty browns and muddy greens. Soft elephant grey and ivory tones suggest white visions of a Winter wonderland, with hills covered by fresh snow and iced lakes. Beauty is once again celebrated in its understated form, imperfect and variegated as unconventional things are.

  • Cherevichkiotvichki – Fall / Winter 2016 – 2017

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci

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    Victoria Andrejeva