Cherevichkiotvichki – Spring / Summer 2016

The “Present Past” collection is my adaptation of the past which still exists in the realm of physical reality.

In any given moment, the present, our perception of reality, is as largely affected by the remembered past. Objects, such as photographs, are signs of historical evidence and act as physical memories, preserving the meaning of events from here to eternity. In this context, the work of renowned Lithuanian photographer Antanas Sutkus not only documents Lithuania during the years of Soviet Union through its population and its transformations, but also serves as a source of inspiration for future generations of creatives. Victoria Andrejeva of Cherevichkiotvicki decided to pay homage to the Lithuanian master with her new collection titled Present Past, which also celebrates her own roots and brings back episodes of her childhood spent in the USSR. The designer borrowed Sutkus‘s rare archive to realize an exclusive showcase in her Parisian showroom, temporary turned into a coocoon of so-called present-past. 

Like SutkusCherevichkiotvicki‘s designer focuses on the beauty of everyday life, looking for the surrealist twist that makes a regular moment something worth remembering. In praise of this philosophy of the unexpected, Cherevichkiotvicki collections express an idea of refined simplicity and utilitarian minimalism, spiced up with unconventional dying and working methods. This season, Cherevichkiotvicki atelier developed a range of unique materials very fine in their weight, and at the same time resistant to withstand time. The shoes and the bags came in horsehide suede and ironed camel leather, keeping a tamed and earth-like color palette as if they were faded in the sun. Whereas, the extremely light textures of shirts and suits were obtained through a technique of altering the weight and weave of raw cotton and linen fabrics. A special eucalyptus leaf treatment was used to create a unique pattern of irregular reddish spots that added a burst of color to tailored ivory coats and bags. 

Antanas Sutkus and Victoria Andrejeva collaboration is a cross generational dialogue, which connects two different personalities defined by uncompromising freedom, pioneering creativity and willpower.

  • Cherevichkiotvichki – Spring / Summer 2016

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Msumeci 

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    Victoria Andrejeva