Comme des Garçons – Fall / Winter 2016

Pure excitement is what fills the silence before a Comme des Garçons show. Nobody knows what to expect, as Rei Kawakubo daring creativity covercomes the limits of imagination. Only one thing is clear from the beginning: whatever is going to be, it will be astonishing. For the 2016-2017 Fall /Winter collection, the Japanese designer focused on the 18th century and translated the spirit of innovation and research that led to the French and American revolutions into sculptural clothing. Knights’ armors and Rococò gowns undergo a process of anarchical deconstruction to meet the taste of contemporary Punks. Gilded rose-patterned jacquards, frills and gentlemen’s wigs remain as nostalgic elements of the Age of Enlightenment. Similar to futuristic 3-D prothesis welded together, the garments reminded of skirts, corsets, stomachers in their abstract shapes. Away from the usual drama, The Nutckracker’s soundtrack and brusts of glossy powder pink make the atmosphere light and playful. Once again Rei Kawakubo pushed herself beyond a comfort zone to trigger her very own revolution.


  • Comme des Garçons – Fall / Winter 2016

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    Cecilia Musmeci

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