Communion by Julia Morozova

Julia Morozova pictures Lexi and Sophiia enveloped in a celestial embrace. 

Holy grace sparks from the girls movements, deeply connected by a sisterhood bond. They dance among shadows captured by Morozova in dramatic light contrasts reminiscent of Caravaggio’s paintings. living sculptures or enchanted frescos, they blur the boundaries between art and reality. The radiant beauty, enhanched by Ildana Khalitova expert touch, nourishes and uplift the human spirit like a blessing from the outerworld. A Tentative Atelier‘s clothing, made with precious embroidered fabrics and sumptuous Victorian-esque details, adds more edge and credibility to this sacred fairytale.

  • Communion by Julia Morozova

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Julia Morozova


    Cecilia Musmeci


    A Tentative Atelier


    lexi @ Wonderwall

    Sophiia @ Wonderwall

    Hair & Make-up

    Ildana Khalitova

    Special Thanks

    Il Gattopardo Milano