Conscious Couture – le Paradox for Guru Jagat Collection 01

High Fashion and Spirituality: the American spiritual leader Guru Jagat unveils her first sustainable clothing capsule with a press presentation in Paris

The renowned Kundalini yoga teacher, artist, poet, bestselling writer, women empowerment leader, business and creative force behind the RA MA Institutes has chosen an historical hotel particulier in the heart of Paris to unveiled her latest fashion project. The idea behind the capsule is to enable everyone to have a spiritual experience by simply getting dressed. The garments combine couture know-how with ancient yogic science to boost the auric frequencies of the wearer and provide a sense of strength and general wellbeing. In facts, the yogic tradition says that when the aura expands one is more capable to attract and hold the positive in life while rejecting day-to-day adversities.

Guru Jagat Collection 01 includes sacred geometries that are meant to bring out the feeling of self worth, the wish to shine and radiate, the pleasure of being comfortable with your own skin. The garments, coming in minimalistic white palette, implement color therapy as white contains all the seven rays and it immediately uplifts the mood. The collection is entirely handmade by women for women in California following a slow and sustainable production cyle that employs the finest locally sourced material. Painstaking studies on the patterns guarantee a flattering fit to any kind of women’s figure and, like in the Japanese fashion tradition, always leave some air between the fabrics and the skin to give space to the individual’s physical and subtle body.

  • Conscious Couture – le Paradox for Guru Jagat Collection 01

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    Guru Jagat Collection 01



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