Cotard Syndrome by Fabio Bozzetti

You have no more lungs, no more heart nor brain. Imagine you are death, a corpse, and yet you are not.

Photographer Fabio Bozzetti explores the complexity of the rare mental illness known as Cotard Syndrome in an editorial that glamorously deal with denial of self-existence. Inside a warehouse resembling an industrial morgue, Liza Fizz plays the patient cought up in stiff poses, her eyes lost in the void, wrapped in plastic film with crazy expressions on her doll-like face. Stylist Greta Fumagalli emphasizes the reality shift with eccentric outfits embellished with opulent accessories that give to the character a sophisticated, upper class-like appeal. The gritty effects achieved through anlog photography give to the images an authentic feeling, like if they wear a reportage on an old Hollywood diva suddenly got insane. 

  • Cotard Syndrome by Fabio Bozzetti

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Fabio Bozzetti


    Greta Fumagalli


    1 OUTFIT
    Dress – Preself
    Pants – Marco Corso
    Shoes – Premiata
    Socks- Benedict
    Necklace – Vintage
    2 OUTFIT
    Top & Pants: Angelos Frentzos
    Shoes: Sonique
    Bow tie: Cor Sine Labe Doli
    Bag: Trakatan
    Socks: Calzedonia
    Necklace: Vintage
    Giacca: 41
    3 OUTFIT
    Top & Skirt: Delfrance Ribeiro
    Shoes: Fabio Rusconi
    Shirt: Shirtstudio
    Bag: Salar

    Occhiali: Eyepetizer
    Jewelry: Vintage

    4 OUTFIT

    Top: Cristiano Burani
    Shoes: Fabio Rusconi
    Bag: Amanti
    Bow Tie : Cor Sine Labe Doli


    5 OUTFIT
    Pants: Maison About
    Dress: Stylist own
    Shoes: Gianna Meliani
    Bag: Thale Blanc
    Sunglasses: Eyepetizer
    Necklace: Vintage
    6 OUTFIT
    Dress: Yadira Capote Thondike 
    Necklace: Design Digest
    Shoes: Cinti


    Liza @MP Models

    Hair & Make-up

    Silvia Sidoli

    Special Thanks

    Greta Fumagalli