D E E P T I – °015

Deepti Barth strips the weight away from metals and makes them wearable.

The German-Argentinian designer brings further the concept that inspired her first 925 collection, while keeping on investigating the relationship between industrial and craftsmanship. Under the title of 999, the SS °015 line highlights the true percentage of natural silver applied in the garments (99,9 %). Once again Deepti worked with silver coated fabrics that oxidize in time with the wearer, but for the current season the fabrics have been heavily pre-oxidized to obtain a nearly corroded effect. She took several yarns and studied their particular textures when blended with the metal, eventually achieving extreme lightness and durability. This allowed her to perfectly translate the heavy winter pieces into their weightless summer counterparts. A long reversible parka, fluid and thin like a shell, glows under the light as if it was injected with mercury. Multiple knitting techniques are combined together to create intricate patterns that stick to the body as an imperceptible second skin. The vulcanizing technique, used instead of traditional stitching, highlights the pieces’s outstanding construction and their clean proportions. Structured jackets and sleeveless coats express Barth’s solid tailoring skills as well as her meticulous attention to details.
Some accessories like tactic-inspired leather bags were added to the essential selection of pieces that mixes together sartorial and military references. Exploring one new concept as the basis for a cohesive and enduring yearly collection, Deepti Barth will present her new menswear 016 – 017 collection in January 2016.

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