Daniela Gregis – Fall / Winter 2016

A play of shapes and colors at the Daniela Gregis Fall / Winter 2016-2017 shows as the models step out from behind a makeshift paravan, reminiscent of an Alexander Calder‘s mobile piece. The circle, the leitmotif of the whole collection, was drawn on the models’ cheeks, evoking images of childishness and playfulness – a wink at the character of Pierrot, reinvented in the warm hues of red, blue, and yellow.

This season again, the designer stays true to her aesthetic, using natural yarns and unique fabrics entirely produced in Daniela Gregis’ atelier, showcasing at best the true quality of italian craftsmanship. Knitwear pieces, that have since become Daniela Gregis’ signature, perfectly compliment the designer’s structured cuts. From the pure youthfulness of several full white outfits, to the earthy tones of scrunched-up skirts and long cardigans, the collection manages to bring an effervescent lightness into winterwear while keeping a timeless, seasonless, appeal. Ultimately, from the big shawls loosely draped over the models’ shoulders, to the braided straw baskets, the collection is an embodiment of the philosophy of baring life to its natural state and simply living.

  • Daniela Gregis – Fall / Winter 2016

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    Daniela Gregis

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