Desert Winds by Lauren Naylor for Aurora Sage Silk

Lauren Naylor shoots Cenie Frieson, Dalma Baczay and Stephanie Carollo as roses of the desert for Aurora Sage Silk.

Aurora Sage Silk is a sustainable luxury brand specialized in organic silk pieces that are naturally died in-house with organic materials born from the Earth. Made in total respect for the planet and with a 0 waste policy, the pieces are meant to be worn as a second layer that envelopes the body in a soft caress immedialty uplifting the individual sensation of wellbeing. Stephanie Carollo, designer behind the brand, came up with the idea of launching her own fashion line when she was breastfeeding her son and couldn’t find anything to wear that was comfortable, luxurious and at the same time non toxic for her and the newborn. Eevry piece is dyed by Stephanie herself in her own garden using what Mother Nature’s brings her season after season. This time consuming technique explains the limited production and the uniqueness of each design, who hardly can be replicated in an identical series as it bears the perfect flaws of any natural process. Aurora Sage Silk ‘s atelier in downtown LA takes care of the final touches and sewing, ensuring high-end finishing entirely carried out locally. The piece’s minimal silhouettes are flattering to everyone and gender fluid no matter size, shape or what phase you are in your life. Aurora Sage Silk doesn’t follow trends and creates at least two news deisigns that will mesh every season


  • Desert Winds by Lauren Naylor for Aurora Sage Silk

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