Doppelganger by Laura Bonnefous

Laura Bonnefous brings us through the looking glass to explore the duality of human nature. In a suspended realm between dream and reality, the French photographer captures the surrealistic encounter of two imaginary soul twins. Featuring the Spring / Summer 2015 collection of Award-winning designer Léa Peckre, the stylist Marine Penet creates a conceptual story of pure shapes by juxtaposing the garments’ sleek silhouette with the sharp architecture of the surrounding space. The color combination of washed and icy tones with splashes of acid green highlights the captivating visual power of Bonnefous‘s minimalist photography. Organic and inorganic elements blend together suggesting an ethereal idea of beauty at once both fragile and strong.

  • Doppelganger by Laura Bonnefous

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Laura Bonnefous


    Léa Peckre SS15


    Elisa @ Mademoiselle

    Tessa @ Mademoiselle

    Hair & Make-up

    Nina Olivet

    Laura Merle


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    Lea Peckre