Duet by Sara Mautone

Sara Mautone poetically portraits a silent exchange between two unknown women. Words aren’t needed when there is understanding at first gaze. Communication is left to movements: fluid, broken, uncertain, restricted or enhanched by Thom Browne, Philosophy and Roberto Cavalli‘s clothing among others, carefully styled by Alice Manfroni. The focus is on gestures and on the interaction of the garments with the body, which immediately stand out in the bare-bones setting. Natural elements reconnects with the spontaneous flow of the textiles, and yet emphasize a certain severe feeling that interestingly clashes with the soft and delicate atmosphere.

  • Duet by Sara Mautone

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Sara Mautone


    Thom Browne
    Roberto Cavalli
    Gianluca Capannolo
    Mauro Grifoni


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    Sara Mautone