Introducing Egg: The Hidden Gem of Belgravia

Big cities often hide small gems of peaceful beauty. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon one of those, you better keep the secret and reveal it only to your nearest and dearest.

In a tiny street of West London lies Egg, an independent boutique brainchild of Maureen Doherty. From the exquisite selection of clothing to the people who work there, everything at Egg has a timeless romantic appeal. The space used to be a dairy and it still features blue and white tiles from the original decor. Each piece of furniture conveys a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes the shopping experience extremely pleasant. Once entered the store’s soothing dimension, one starts to notice more and more precious little things, which showcase an extremely careful attention to details.

When Maureen opened Egg over 15 years ago there was nothing but smart private houses in the area, which still remains mainly residential. It was a tough commercial decision that eventually worked out as the store now has a faithful and refined clientele.

With great taste, niche brands such as Pr Patterson, Scha, Toogood, Casey Casey and Sophie D’Hoore are displayed together with Egg’s own designs. Focusing on clean lines and sculptural shapes, the Egg look blends nostalgic suggestions inspired by the old British country style with Japanese essential minimalism. Under the lady-like appearance, Egg’s women hide a strong personality and a true appreciation for well-done garments that are both comfortable and effortlessly elegant.


  • Introducing Egg: The Hidden Gem of Belgravia

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci




    36 Kinnerton Street
    London, SW1X 8ES

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