Elena Dawson – Autumn / Winter 2015 – 2016

Elusive dreams inspire ghostly clothing imbued with lyrical romanticism.

 Elena Dawson is a creator like no others. Her delicate yet unmistakable touch shapes beautiful garments and accessories that evoke ephemeral atmospheres from the past. Dawson’s semi deconstructed garments explores clothing as a ritual, as an historical element and suggestion for creative stories. Her unfinished seams and hanging fabric strips let the wearer free to complete the clothes with their own life experiences. Poetic and conceptual, Elena Dawson seems to reveal the vulnerable spirit of the garments. She and a small group of artisans make each design in-house.

One can easily imagine the ideal Elena Dawson’s woman, a passionate dreamer who wanders in a gothic garden, wrapped in silk and lace gowns. Like an English rose from the Victorian era, she has red lips and an alabaster face, framed by the floral decorations that embellish the neckline of her dress. Her gentleman is a damned poet, a philosopher of feelings, a pirate and a fearless gambler. They are Lord Byron’s heros and Mary Shelly’s phantoms, and still there is something timeless of them, which makes them fit good in contemporary times as well as in the pages of a Romantic novel.

  • Elena Dawson – Autumn / Winter 2015 – 2016

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    Elena Dawson


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