Elena Dawson – Fall / Winter 2016

One of the central characteristic of Romanticism is revolt. This mood or movement stresses on self-expression and individual uniqueness, and does not lend itself to precise definition.

In this sense Elena Dawson is quintessentially Romantic. Not only because of her flamboyant and elaborate designs, but because her style choices set her apart from the general trends that pollute contemporary society and carve her a very special position within the fashion industry, without directly belonging to it. Dawson’s creations are exquisitely out of time and bear the magic of emotions moulded into garments. Like a novel, the pieces make the wearer dream about a different world, a contemplative slow-paced era dedicated to art and literature, turning himself into a 21st century Byronic hero. A true appreciation for beauty stands behind the richness of details and handmade embroideries, which can be equally found only in haute couture clothing. Close inspection reveals the raw edges of fabric, crumpled into flowers with an angry precision, visible seams sewn straight through delicate chiffons, a stiff shine to the leathers. Bright red as fresh blood flowing breaks the usual color palette of dusty white and ebony black for the upcoming Winter season. Strangely noble yet playful and subtly seductive, Elena Dawson keeps carrying on her silent revolution.

  • Elena Dawson – Fall / Winter 2016

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci