Emilia Tikka – External Body

The creative process of emerging Finnish designer Emilia Tikka, started with an analysis of the difficult concept of “body” and its relation to reality. Tikka, has already gained recognition. She was selected as one of Vogue’s young talents 2011, and exhibited her works in a private exhibition and in Technical Museum of Helsinki in Finland, as a part of the World Design Capital 2012 . Combining wool and raw leather, Emilia modified the body, rewriting its anatomy through structured volumes that create a three dimensional effect. The line between the flesh and the dress is explored through the fusion of organic materials such as wood and silk, finished in a very natural way to create architectural constructions, which, despite their extreme design, are still wearable. For “External Body,” the Finnish designer drawn inspiration from poststructural philosophy and the history of the natural sciences. In the past, the dress was the way to express our individuality and our body was a stable entity, now the discovery of biotechnologies turned the body into a type of dress that can be electronically re-shaped, like a cyborg. The female silhouette is melted into the geometric cutting of artificial pieces, creating a concrete outward projection of the individual self.

  • Emilia Tikka – External Body

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    Cecilia Musmeci



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    Emilia Tikka