Empty Universe – Cornerstone SS19 by Jeremy Benkemoun

Jeremy Benkemoun follows Luke Royer across a deserted parallel universe.

The story begins in one of the iconic entrances realized by the architecture collective L’Œuf Centre d’études, active in France around the 60’s, where the design and moisaics suggest the inside of a futuristic spaceship. The model seems to be the only passanger of the vehicle, en route towards unknown destinations. The clothing, head to toe by the emerging Chinese menswear brand Cornerstone by Sun Yun, mirrors the lonely galaxes and distant constellation aiming to grasp an ideal of infinity. Both cuts and materials are a modern take on space-age clothing and cosmonaut uniforms. Eventually Benkemoun‘s spaceship lands upon an empty white planet, dotted with awkward symbols that seems to speak of a remote past… or perhaps are just hinting at the future.

  • Empty Universe – Cornerstone SS19 by Jeremy Benkemoun

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Luke @ Marylin Paris

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    Cornerstone by Sun Yun
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