Faustine Steinmetz – Fall / Winter 2016

Faustine Steinmetz finds the perfect balance between art, craft, architecture and pop culture.

The young designer showcased her Fall / Winter 2016 collection in a series of white cubes inspired by the work of architect and sculptor Isamu Noguchi. Like a conceptual peep-show, irregular slits allowed the visitors to gaze at the models and collection, as though watching dolls in a doll house. Faustine worked with American cotton, that she hand embroidered and shaped to create three-dimensional weaves and structured volumes. Details of the clothing was intentionally visible, with welt pockets, trouser fly front fastenings, cutaway seams and thigh-high leg warmers, mohair and leather embellishments, highlighting Steinmetz‘s outstanding craftsmanship skills. The essential yet playful color palette featured bright orange, acid yellow, milky white, peachy pink and deep sea blue that matched with the hue of the inside of the white cubes to create a graphic effect. Presented at the Tate Britain, the collection was accompanied by an audio guide, like those found in art galleries or museum spaces, implying a link between fashion and art.


  • Faustine Steinmetz – Fall / Winter 2016

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci