Flemish Objectivity by Christina Abdeeva

The outlines of objects stand out as if they were carved into the plain background.

Following the soubtle thrill of a shy emotion, the Russian photographer Christina Abdeeva catches the vagueness of suspended moments. The realism of the scene meets her meditative yet impressionist eye producing suggestive and somewhat nostalgic images. Visual sobriety and acuity, as well as the accuracy of details, reflect the rational proportions and clean cuts of the a’bout’s clothing. Abdeeva tends the edges of darkness capturing hints of light that reveal the garments’ rich texture and form. Broken actions driven by a consuming sense of waiting and self-questioning showcase the pieces outstanding construction. The atmosphere seems to aspire to the reassuring stillness conveyed by the second-skin like garments, but the smiling eyes spread vibrant feelings echoing the pieces’ floating volumes. Stripped of their concrete functionality, the objects feature innto an odd universe reminiscent of a Flemish painting, in which nothing and everything happen at the same time. Abdeeva’s angular and elusive perspective gives to the images a sort of strained distance, which seduces the viewers for its enigmatic intimacy and mysterious appeal.

With no reference to a given time or place, the pictures express parts of a story evoking something which happened just before, may happen just after or simply not happen at all.

  • Flemish Objectivity by Christina Abdeeva

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    Christina Abdeeva


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