Forbidden Fruit by Alice Jacquemin

Alice Jacquemin pictures Nastya Cherkasova in a cabinet of wonders.

Like the heroine of Neil Gaiman’s novel Coraline, she discovers a secret door behind which lies an alternate world where all the past memories go. Dressed up in the lastest design of up-and-coming Italian brand Asciari Milano, Nastya travels through time guided by uknown hands that play with her clothes, pulling the ribbons of her crispy hemp and silk top, the edges of her cotton skirt and shirts, softly unveiling her doll-like porcelain skin. Directed by Jacquemin, she jumps from century to century posing like a Roman bust, a Greek caryatid, a Middle-Age Madonna, eventually becoming a painting herself. The clothing’s color palette, inspired by Tom Hooper’s Danish Girl, perfectly matches with the faded yet intense tones of the decor, made up of Augustin Deuleze‘s collection of rare artworks and one-of-a-kind furniture. Make-up artist Fanny Renaud unfolds natural beauty with soft nuances and pinches of fairy dust, while hair-stylist Sayaka Otama conceptually reinterprets historical hairstyles in a contemporary way. 

  • Forbidden Fruit by Alice Jacquemin

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Alice Jacquemin
    Assistant to photographer Malorie Bucciol


    Cecilia Musmeci
    Assistant to stylist Josefine Pedersen


    Nastya @ Marilyn Paris


    shot at Galerie Bergere including the gallery’s collection of furniture and antiques

    Special Thanks

    Augustin Deleuze
    Piero Mazzettini
    Alexia Aubert