Frames by Theresa Marx

Every lived experience is interpreted through different frames of mind, ultimately either broadening or restricting the scope of our comprehension.

Theresa Marx captures Carina Lammers by the river as it cuts through an harsh industrial background. Decked in sleek and classy garments full of attitude by Y PROJECT, Y’s Yohji Yamamoto and Yohji Yamamoto, Vetements, Jacquemus, Yang Li, and The B, Carina changes from frame to frame, adopting the soft and gentle qualities of the spring sun, or the stoicism of the glass and concrete buildings that surrounds her. Among these unfriendly giants, neither the river, nor the greenry feel unwelcome as her figure engages in a dualistic game of hide and seek– through different frames and through one’s mindscape. Whether she is ready to leap into unimaginable depths or fly into the limitless sky is hard to pinpoint, something catches the observer’s eye – the glistening gold of the Carlo Maria Pelagallo jewellery that adorns her arms or the metallic shine of her Vetements boots – she is already gone, leaving one searching through the frames, falling deeper and deeper into this game of foreshortenings and perspectives.

  • Frames by Theresa Marx

    Article by
    Evelina Dimova



    Theresa Marx


    Cecilia Musmeci

    Assistant to stylist – Evelina Dimova



    Y’s Yohji Yamamoto FW16

    Yohji Yamamoto SS16 / FW16

    Vetements FW16


    Yang Li FW16

    The B


    Carina @ Supreme Management