Gamme Blanche by Lisa Raio

Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature.

Inspired by essential geometric shapes that she finds in nature and in minimalist architecture, Marine Penet, designer behind Gamme Blanche, creates distinctive yet versatile pieces of jewelry. Her understanding of volumes and proportions comes from her combined experience as a stylist and fashion designer, which trained her eye and refined her artisanal skills throughout the years. Ethereal yet werable, the sculptural jewelry float free of convention, looking at the cosmos in its whole unique beauty: earrings based upon elliptic orbits and constellations, suspensions of iridescent pearl moons, coiled rings that glimmer with discreet semi precious stones. Subtly balancing organic and inorganic elements, Marine collaborated with art photographer Lisa Raio, who expressed the esoteric power of metals and minerals hidden within Gamme Blanche‘s graphic lines through a visual story that features striking textures combinations and surrealistic arrangements. No color required.

  • Gamme Blanche by Lisa Raio

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    Lisa Raio


    Gamme Blanche

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