Gareth Pugh – Autumn / Winter 2014-2015

Travelling through the stream of the inner conscious, hallucinatory fantasies may awake unexpected suggestions which turn into concrete ideas.

Forgetting about the common bounds of human’ thoughts, Gareth Pugh’s imagination was drawn towards a remote ice planet. A sense of stiffness imbued the breathable atmosphere, like if the planet was surrounded by a sort of transparent placenta. Carefully looking at the glowing ice, alien dolls appeard under the frost line, trapped into an endless white dream. Opulent high collar fur coats caressed the delicate skin of their paralyzed necks, while their whitened fingers delicately layed upon their thin waists wrapped in layers of plastic sheets and fluid latex tubulars. Their garments were solid and thick like condensed clouds or sharp protective armors sculpted into the ice. At times metallic foils shimmered from the icy depths, like fragments of lunar stones, misteriously hiding their etheral faces. Mad Hatter-like hats linked this suspended glacial dimension to an imaginary world. The elegant shell of ice preserved the pureness of immortal beauty, as the snow does in winter covering the shrubs and the leaves.

Creativity arises from the liberation of the subconscius mind.

  • Gareth Pugh – Autumn / Winter 2014-2015

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Gareth Pugh

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