Geoffrey B. Small – “Witness” Autumn / Winter 2015 -2016

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Geoffrey B. Small is a creator like no others. He is not simply making beautiful clothes by sourcing top quality fabrics worked through the most advanced artisanal techniques, he has a vision that shapes the way he lives and understands our world. Small has the lonely objective of facing the social and environmental disasters caused by the consumerist societies and corporate mainstream. His garments are witnesses of his battle against the creepy status quo. Geoffrey B. Small major focus is to create clothing that lasts a lifetime with the minimum environmental impact. The research of the finest primal materials and the use of ancient handcrafting techniques allow him to achieve the highest durability and quality standards. He notably works with two of the oldest mills still operating in Italy, the Fratelli Piacenza for his limited edition pieces in cashmere and wool, and the Parisotto family for his superfine cotton and linen textiles. Geoffrey B. Small Fall / Winter 2015 / 2016 collection was conceived under the idea of conveying the fundaments of his belief to the public, physically represented by the clothes, which traditionally reflects the culture and the values of the wearers. In this context, the models that walked the catwalk stopped to greet the audience and give them paper messages. Small’s garments have a soul, given by the careful and loving people that construct, treat and dye them by hand. The contact between the models and the public broke the coldness and impersonal atmosphere of general fashion shows and let the spectators experience in person the “living element“ imbued within the garments. As photography and film trap bites of history into frames and pictures, the French model and designer’s friend Stephane Olivier closed Small’s show by sitting in front a video projector that immortalized forever this meaningful moment like a witness of a urgent need of change that can not longer be ignored.

  • Geoffrey B. Small – “Witness” Autumn / Winter 2015 -2016

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