Georgina Santiago – Minutiae

Look at our fingers, our legs, our arms. Blue veins run under a scaly membrane that flexes everytime we move. If we look closely at our skin, its sinewy texture, the tiny folds when  is relaxed, there’s something strange, something alien, we feel as we are in front of an extremely familiar yet disturbing element. This ambiguous feeling was the starting point of young designer Georgina Santiago for her graduate collection “Minutiae”, which has recently shown at ESDI in Barcelona.

The purpose is to transpose the mental processes that occur when we experience sinister images in seductive clothing. Peering at the palm of her left hand, Santiago reflects on the appearance of epidermis and creates garments that reshape the silhouette of the human body. Synthetic extensions of our limbs the pieces are innervated by contrast stitching. Iridescent and interwoven textures create venous fabrics, which reproduce at large-scale the cell clusters. Transparent membranes show the thin network of blood vessels, while the bone structure disappears in anatomic volumes rounded as corpuscles.

Nothing meets the concept of beauty universally shared, indeed produces almost an unpleasant feeling, but keeping alive our attention. Despite our initial resistance, this hybrid and disturbing aesthetic pleases us, and an unknown force takes our mind to the uncanny dimension.

  • Georgina Santiago – Minutiae

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Daniel Armengol