Haider Ackermann – Fall / Winter 2017-2018

No thoughts, just instinct.

Haider Ackermann‘s tribe of bohemian punks rocks the night without feeling the heaviness of the world.With tailored finery and second-skin pants they burn in the darkness for a moment like comet tails. Elegantly messy, the clothing embodied Haider Ackermann‘s ideal of an organized chaos, which inspired the wild layering and experimental blends of leather and tartan fabrics, while classic sartorial looks gained new edge through skillful combinations of shiny velvet and hounds-tooth motifs. The designer takes distance from the last fashion obsession with countercultural youth movements, yet his work perfectly expresses today’s zeitgeist. Ackermann‘s 70’s Teddy Boys travelled to present time, surrendering to streetwear and sportswear while preserving the DIY energy synonymous with his raw approach to fashion. An handful of women outfits stole the scene with magnificent allure, and stated once again Ackermann‘s incomparable way of unveiling female sex appeal in all its louscious mystery.

  • Haider Ackermann – Fall / Winter 2017-2018

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci


    Special Thanks

    Michéle Montagne