Hala Kaiksow & Canoa Lab Showcase by Le Paradox

Once again, Le Paradox Creatives acted to promote the work of young artisans that challenge the mass production of contemporary industry by following a conscious approach to design. The presentation aimed to celebrate craftsmanship and creativity in fashion, interior decor and food.

Talents on show were Hala Kaiksow, clothing designer and manual weaver from Bahrain, and Canoa Lab, ceramist and jewelry maker from Valencia, Spain, with the special participation of French vegan chef Julie Bavant. Hala‘s journey begins with the human hand and its ability to imbue garments with a sense of soul. A 21st century artisan, her thoughtful approach to craft extends to custom hand woven fabrics, natural dying techniques and handmade buttons and fasteners. Inspired by the beauty found in everyday objects and a utilitarian approach to dressing, the designer deconstructs garb from the past and present to create clothing infused with feminine strength. From her loom, she weaves materials such as raw linen, silk and hemp into otherworldly patterns and textures, further embellishing them with fragments of metal, wood, latex and mother of pearl to bring her vision to life. Canoa Lab is the brainchild of Raquel and Pedro Paz Porto, expert ceramists and jewelry makers from Valencia, Spain. Canoa‘s aim is to innovate the pottery tradition by revamping classic shapes inspired by Iberian, Ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan vases through experimental glazing and coloring. Canoa Lab main focus are raw materials. Metal and clay have been used since the beginning of time to make tools and supplies, and Canoa Lab puts them into use to create objects that connect with your bodies, space and time. Pottery and jewelry have worked together in each society’s development, and the brand strengthens this bond by using ceramics instead of precious stones to embellish the jewelry. Canoa Lab designers see themselves as archeologists, time explorers and restorers of antique sensibilities. As our ancestors did, they respect the natural process of the materilas.

Both Hala Kaiksow and Canoa Lab eganged in supporting a small local production in respect of the environment and the individual. High quality primal materials were on focus : yarns, ceramic, ingredients – which came together to deliver a sensory experience that truly brought our bodies and minds in a quiet space far from the daily hecticness. Colors played a great role too, as eye catching purple hummus, tumeric infused pop-corns and seaweed tartar on crunchy carrot crackers created the perfect synergy with Kaiksow’s garments, handdyed with spices and herbs, and Canoa textured glazes. Flowers arrangements by French florist Arturo Arita followed along the chromatic adventure creating a playful and relaxed atmosphere.

The showcase embodied our belief that the beauty inspired by arts and crafts gains special meaning when men’s warm touch and love for nature can be felt in it.

  • Hala Kaiksow & Canoa Lab Showcase by Le Paradox

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