Hala Kaiksow for Noma Blue Co-Hosted by Le Paradox

For the Spring / Summer 2018 season, we curated the collaboration between Middle-Eastern designer Hala Kaiksow and Noma Blue, an intriguing program for Ocean and Nature conservation that aims to create a dialogue between the creative industry and selected NGOs. On this occasion, Hala realized an item exclusively for Noma Blue and for each sales she will return 10% back to humanitarian and conservation initiatives through Noma Blue’s partnered NGOs.

By hand-weaving all her textiles on a manual loom, Hala’s approach to fashion is entirely sustainable and doesn’t involve any waste. She primarly works with organic fibres such as raw linen, silk and hemp that she sources from fair-trade producers across Middle-East and in Japan. Based in Barhain, she runs a small atelier of artisans that help her with the weaving process and the development of patterns. Her choice of a local and controlled production keeps alive Barhain’s ancient craftsmanship tradition while supporting the economy of her Country in a conscious way. She regularly experiments with new and unexpected materials creating interesting blends such as the linen and Kevlar combination developed this season, as well as with upcycling and recycling techniques.

Noma Blue Studio opened its doors to Hala Kaiksow for three days of showcase in which Hala performed on the loom, met with with mind-linked creatives and conservationists, and took part into Noma Blue’s collaborative journey to celebrate and protect nature. For the occasion Le Paradox co-hosted a private gathering featuring a biodynamic wine tasting and a vegan dinner prepared by L’Arpège-trained chef Julie Bavant.

  • Hala Kaiksow for Noma Blue Co-Hosted by Le Paradox

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