Higher than the Pyramids by Isabella Behravan

Isabella Behavran captures Memu and Kismet in a surreal scenario where nature and man-made harmoniously collide. Styled in couture pieces by Farah Al Mesbah and Guru Jagat Collection, the girls dance between the shadows of a long past, pantintly awaiting for the future. An alien pyramid house nestled between the rocky mountains overlooking the Malibu Canyon is their spaceship to the Sun. The golden sparks of Indigo Unveiled‘s amulets suggests intergalactic trajectories to ancient-future dimensions, acting as weareable magic portals for sophisticated time travelers. Adorned with sacred malas by Satamber, the mighty muses rise over the dull and the known to build modern temples of sound that move at the speed of light and elevate the soul through unheard chants dense of ancestral meanings. 

  • Higher than the Pyramids by Isabella Behravan

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