HORISAKI – Handmade Hats

When the temperatures drop and the air gets crispy, there is nothing better than tucking the head into a nice hat.

Located in the heart of the Swedish countryside, design studio Horisaki creates exclusive artisanal hats. Run by Makoto and his wife Karin, the company features an in-house production that takes place directly in their farm, hand-built by the artistic/family duo in the county of Småland, Sweden. Their love for craftmanship and manual labour reflects into their headpieces, which combine their Japanese-Swedish roots with traditional millinery techniques. The peaceful, yet wild, nature that surrounds them is the main source of inspiration for their unique designs. The hats come in many different earthy shades and textures achieved through experimental treatments made with natural elements. Makoto and Karin look for the finest primal materials, such as furfelts and raw leathers, to which they give a beautifully aged look. The shapes of the pieces are different from each other and recall antique worker’s headwear. By covering the hats with a special patina and then burning them with fire, Horisaki gets its signature effect. The flames devour small parts of the pieces, fully protected by the patina, creating holes and frayed hems, which make each hat truly unique.

The winter comes wrapped in the cold wind of the North and blows away the trees leaves and any sparkle of light.

  • HORISAKI – Handmade Hats

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    Jonas Lindström
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