Horisaki – Spring / Summer 2017

Simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve.

Makoto and Karin Horisaki keep on designing more with less, not just enriching their artisanal hat line with many new models, but also launching an essential capsule collection of garments and accessories. Entirely handmade in their studio-cum-farm, located in the heart of the countryside, the clothes feature the same painstaking old-fashionied methods used for the hats’ production and treatment. Beautiful rough linen and crispy cottons are dyed with natural elements such as oak wood and leaves, and worked into simple pieces that combine comfort and functionality with a romantically rustic style. As for the hats, nature, its seasonal cycle and a way of leaving remote from society, are the main sources of inspiration, reflected in an earthy color palette and small imperfections that make each design unique. More than a fashion operation, Horisaki aims to express a lifestyle concept which involves each aspect of daily life. In this spirit, Horisaki teamed up with Japanese design firm kräfte to create a movable hat pole to display their Spring / Summer 2017 collection. Like branches coming out from a tree, the poles have a warm wooden body and a sharp iron base that works as a magnet, to exploit at best small spaces. The mix of organic and inorganic materials perfectly represents Horisaki’s aesthetics, which blends Japanese forward looking approach with traditional know-how.


  • Horisaki – Spring / Summer 2017

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    Cecilia Musmeci




    Special Thanks

    Makoto & Karin
    Yukio Kimura