Ilariusss – Spring / Summer 2015

There is something timeless and beautifully decadent in the art of millinery.

Ilaria Soncini is a one-of a-kind creative character who belongs to a different era. Whith her head suspended in an imaginary world, Ilaria works on unique hats that gracefully blend contemporary structures with nostalgic suggestions. Her artisanal brand, Ilariusss, is a mix of art and concept, that mirrors her eclectic and dream-like personality. By sourcing the most fine primal materials and using an ancient hand-crafting technique, Ilaria aims to achieve the highest level in terms of quality and design. For the Spring / Summer 2015 season, she focused on straw treatments experimenting with pigments and dying processes. Faded purple, dusty turquoise and deep green tones expressed the theatrical side of the collection, while the leather finishing gave to the headpieces a sophisticated neo-romantic look. The shapes of the hats are playful and graphically cut according to geometric patterns. Despite the daring look of certain pieces, the careful attention payed to the moulding process as well as the meticulous detailing, preserve the classicity of the Italian hatmaking tradition.

A velvity touch on finely crafted felts awakes languid memories from a faded past time.

  • Ilariusss – Spring / Summer 2015

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Patrick Stangbye



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    Francesca Laranga