INAISCE – Seeking Aether Autumn/Winter 2013-2014

The rough surface of the wool slides under our fingers, and a concrete materiality seizes our mind, entangling new possibilities. Seeking Aether opens her subtle wings to an endangered crater appealing on a deep, unknown level.

The mad, innocent and direct approach to raw materiality enters the action of creating. The fusion of deliberative act, art and clothes making enchanted Jona on an intimate and bare level, pushing him to materialise his collection as an unavoidable seek for the impalpable elementary state.

The subtle, ultra rational driving force, establishing a semi conscious sovrapposition of elements ultimates her turns in dreaming structures, as the special installation developed by INAISCE in collaboration with the Dutch artist Claudy Jongstra. A feminine, disturbing mermaid soaked in pure blue and black hangs from the ceiling of the Taiss Gallery’s lower wing. The stigma of femininity imbues the entity of that last element, overture to a pleasant seek that can never be archived, as its essence is lacking.

Translated into clothes, the absolute synthesis and conversion of intents crush in perfect circular shapes, and femininity cross her reign to fuse her nature across genders.

Drawing from the most profound well of untouched obscurity and enchanting currents to leap over the highest unity of blank altitudes, the transitional stage of becoming takes clothed form, to express the image of the ultimate balance point that could never be fixed in time.

  • INAISCE – Seeking Aether Autumn/Winter 2013-2014

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Marta Fattori

    Special Thanks

    Stefen Ramirez