InAisce °015

Where is “home” ? What’s the human’s relationship with nature?

The mutual interaction of natural elements as well as an idea of nomadic displacement inspires InAisce’s clothing and accessory. After a short break, Jona Sees, designer behind the New York-based brand, cames back with one annual collection that embodies his mature experimentation with textures and yarns. The deep and time-consuming research of primal materials as well as the artisanal finishing of the pieces reject the fast pace of mainstream fashion in favor of creative slowness. Pure architectural shapes are meticulously crafted into garments that have a modern look and an organic feel, which evoke suggestive atmospheres from the Far East. The beauty of rough and untouched landscapes, the small details and imperfections you find in nature, blend to Jona’s poetic imagination and extensive travel experiences, which highly influence his collections. Besides his clothing project, Jona is currently involved in sculpture, music and design, and realizes periodic capsules and collaborations with other creators that share a similar artistic approach. Drawing from old sartorial traditions and innovative processes, InAisce nurtures progressive visions of craftsmen and artists.

  • InAisce °015

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci