Individual Sentiments – Spring / Summer 2016

Tucked away in the deepest heart of Japan, one can still find an antique idea about beauty that is very different from universal standards.

This very unique concept praises an undeclared from of beauty that waits patiently to be discovered. It is the beauty of simple things, which appeals to our roots and primal feelings, and it is directly connected with the art of accepting the natural life cycle of growth, decay, and death. Yoko Ito, creative mind behind the artisanal brand Individual Sentiments, takes on this old belief and turns it into the core of her design process. For the Spring / Summer 2016 season, the Japanese designer develops further the themes that inspired her previous collection, entitled Yugami. The concepts of “controlled imperfection“ and “irregular regularity“ become part of a deeper reflection on the natural progression of time. Kaiko, as the latest Individual Sentiments’ collection is called, celebrates the unique allure of aged things through hand-dyed textiles that reproduce the marks of faded eras. Rough and crinkled yarns such as organic linen and cotton, together with an earthy color palette, strengthen the vintage feeling of the garments. The minimalistic yet sharply refined designs include some “deviating elements“ such as asymmetrical stitching, destroyed hems and mismatched buttons. Like the rhythm of passing hours in a lazy summery afternoon, the silhouette is stretched towards loose shapes that gently wrap the body, allowing complete comfort of movement. Each outfit comes in a special range of limited-edition fabrics exclusively produced for Individual Sentiments in Japan.

  • Individual Sentiments – Spring / Summer 2016

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