Inside Project 3,14 – Moscow

Project 3,14 is an hidden gem in the heart of Moscow that gathers together the most progressive ideas in contemporary fashion. This avant-garde shopping mecca has the same feeling of an Ali Baba’s cave, showcasing the finest artisanal clothing brands within an unique setting furnished with antique furnitures and art pieces that the co-owner and founder Sasha found in flea markets, galleries and fairs during his trips to Europe. The store features a fine range of brands with a special focus on craftsmanship, innovation and top quality standards such as Paul Harnden, Cherevichkiotvichki, Carol Christian Poell, Ma+ and Boris Bidjan Saberi. Besides the exqusite clothing selection,  Sasha and his team managed to create a special space filled with atmosphere. Welcoming and sharp at once, Project 3,14 is a place where you don’t jut want to buy things and leave, but you want to spend time in it, wandering around the brick halloways guided by dim warm lights, trying garments, discovering the many accessories or simply lingering over the architecture and design books while sitting on the soft leather couches.

  • Inside Project 3,14 – Moscow

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Project 3,14
    Trubnaya street 32
    127051 Moscow

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