Introducing Alice Waese

Alice Waese is an intellectually curious person with a great imagination. Her design and crafting skills allow her to turn her creative ideas into original jewelry pieces and playful garments.

Trained in fine arts, New-York based Waese works in parallel as an illustrator and sculptor, combining her visionary perspective to solid craftsmanship. Much of her inspiration for the clothing and jewelry collections comes from her drawings, in which she sketches the outlines of her surreal world inhabited by slightly creepy creatures, uncanny animals and living objects. She is a bit like a contemporary Beatrix Potter who exchanged the English countryside’s innocence with Brooklyn’s artsy oddness while keeping a hint of the original cute factor.

Waese’s stories on paper eventually become proper books, realized in limited edition with different covers. The books bring the jewelry together with the artwork, as they always feature a little secret compartment in which Alice hides something precious. Some of her fictional characters are casted in precious metals or stitched upon the garments, and vice versa found objects and life encounters end up being featured within the books. It’s a full cycle of evolution and inspiration focused on primal materials and the way they organically react to the different working processes. The outcome is a unique conceptual narrative that beautifully crosses over different mediums.

  • Introducing Alice Waese

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    Alice Waese Fall – Winter 2015/2016


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    Alice Waese

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