Introducing Anecho

Constantly overwhelmed by all the madness in our modern world, we dream of empty spaces of infinite dimension where to find moments of peace.

Anecho embodies Haans Nicholas Mott & Anastasia Khodkina escape from reality. Born as a collaborative project between the two creators, Anecho is a seasonal clothing label that takes its name from the anechoic chamber, seen as a container for personal experiences. Featuring extremely fine fabrics worked through artisanal inspired working techniques, the garments protect the wearer from the mundane harshness of life. In order to highlight at best the natural proprieties of the primal materials and their original textures, the seams are hand-set and machine top stitched only, this allows to the yarns to age more naturally as it avoids the unnatural tension caused by the machine connections. The construction of the pieces is simple yet refined, without any visible seams crossing the garments surfaces to achieve a clean look and maximalize the tactile experience. Comfortable and versatile, Anecho‘s designs are meant to be mixed together to create layered looks with a timeless appeal. Haans Nicholas Mott and Anastasia Khodkina‘ s passion for travels inspires the nomadic spirit of the brand, which shows through the garments’ relaxed proportions and rough finishing. Each piece represents a physical memory of the different places and cultures that the couple encountered throughout their lives. In this context, Anecho gathers together stories and emotions, pierced together to form a unisex wardrobe.


  • Introducing Anecho

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