Introducing Asciari Milano

In old Sicilian dialect the word “asciari“ indicates a meeting point, where different elements gather and combine together in a single act.

In the same collecting spirit, the up-and-coming brand Asciari Milano takes over quintessentially Italian style staples and reworks them into classic yet youthful designs. Rooted in the charming Sicilian cultural heritage, with touches of Milanese elegance, Asciari expresses an ideal of understated luxury unveiled through top-quality materials and a careful attention to details. Pietro, Federica and their mother Marta, designers behind Asciari, decided to found a veritable family business after having experienced different careers. Rather than following seasonal trends, the designers focus on la bella figura, an essentially Italian concept that goes deeper than clothing, image, and presentation, and it includes also good manners, class and taste. The passion for essential shapes, organic yarns and fine tailoring makes each of Asciari piece exquisitely timeless. Inspired by the beauty of Italian nature, its history and folklore, the garments celebrate the excellence of artisanal craftsmanship, while keeping a sleek and graphic aesthetic. Geometric silhouettes and sharp cuts are imbued with a warm, artisanal, touch that makes Asciari stand apart from the more common examples Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism. From the choice of the fabrics to the final finishing, the designers follow an in-house and conscious production cycle that makes every piece truly unique. Going beyond simple clothing, Asciari is about grasping nuances and valuing from each experience made, as in our fast-paced world the real luxury is time.

Lookbook AW 16/17

Lookbook AW 16/17

Lookbook AW 16/17

Lookbook AW 16/17

Lookbook AW 16/17

  • Introducing Asciari Milano

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