Introducing Calyx Intimates

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

 In the days of the witches, when spells were cast and potions brewed, the sorceresses would soak their undergarments in their magic to hold their incantations closest to the most powerful parts of their body. Modern witch and careful observer of nature, Cara Marie Piazza recently launched an exclusive lingerie line called calyx Intimates. Featuring a series of handmade undergarments, calyx intimates blends Cara’s unique use of imagination, colors and working techniques with an essential understanding of patterns and cuts. “The most intimate layer between you and the world, your underwear, should be imbued with power, magic and love.“ explains the New-York based designer. Like a 21th century alchemist, Cara studies the properties of organic elements and their chemical reactions to use them as natural pigments. Each calyx’s piece is hand dyed naturally with locally harvested flowers and plants, sewn with fine fair trade silks and entirely manufactured in NYC. The natural cycle of seasons defines Cara’s collections, as the prints are dictated by the petals available. Every garment has unique fetures and tells its very own stories through the traces left by the primal materials used in the dying process. calyx intimates aims to establish a subtle and personal connection with the wearer, who is also able to customized the pieces’ fit and design in order to make it perfectly suitable to its body.

Cara Marie Piazza will curate a color apothecary and natural dye bar from November 11, 2015 through December 16, 2015 at Fort Gansevoort Gallery in New York. Cara’s residency will include presenting Calix Intimates capsule collection, weekly natural dyeing workshops, visiting artist lectures and conversations, open studio time and a bespoke garment over-dye service.


  • Introducing Calyx Intimates

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Courtesy of Cara Marie Piazza 


    Cara Marie Piazza 


    Fort Gansevoort 
    NEW YORK, NY, 10014

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