Introducing Detaj

Every accomplishment is the beginning of a new standard.

After having successfully established himself as a fashion buyer, Takayoshi Yamanami decided to approach jewelry design. Unable to find his ideal jewelry, in 1995 he started working on DETAJ, an experimental line entirely hand-crafted in his atelier in downtown Osaka. Throughout the years he learnt how to master the techniques of black and silversmithing in a process of constant trial and error to finally present a seasonal collection. With his eye trained by being the buyer of renowned Japanese concept-store 24th of August, and an exceptional feeling for primal materials, Yamanami creates objects that are at once classic and avantgarde. Detaj celebrates the beauty of functional and structured jewelry, henhancing the unique textures of each piece away from decorative concerns. Yamanami draws inspiration from his daily routine, such as covering his hands with bandages before handling the metals in the workshop or looking at Japanese traditional items like tea canisters. Passionate of architecture, art and photography, he collaborated with artist and photographer Homma Hiroshi, who shot a series of exclusive ambrotype pictures to present his works. The poetic vibes of the images perfectly express the main theme of DETAJ latest pieces, which represent Takayoshi Yamanami’s conceptual take on the Greek myth of Narcissus.

  • Introducing Detaj

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