Introducing Hadron & Lepton by Aaricia Varanda

There is a sort of schamanic power in Hadron & Lepton jewelry pieces that perhaps stems from the designers’ fascination with nature and their passion for alchemy and mythology. Launched by Cosmo Gonik and his brother Felipe and sister Cassis, the jewelry line features sculptural pieces inspired by the skeleton of animals, which are meticoulosly casted in silver and turned into precious embellishments infused by Mexican culture and the context of their native Chile. These newly born objects, chimeras that often take the form of scepters, symbolize protection for their owners and admirers. Photographer Aricia Varanda perfectly captures subtle the magic of the jewelry in an evocative series of pictures that balances a contemporary attitude with a tribal appeal.

  • Introducing Hadron & Lepton by Aaricia Varanda

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Aaricia Varanda


    Cecilia Musmeci



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    Sayaka Otama
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    Hadron & Lepton

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