Introducing Sark Studio

When the tides of time leave their mark on an object they affect its texture and its general look. This change might damage the object’s original beauty, yet it provides the space for the imagination to enter and become involved with the devolution of the piece.

At Sark Studio they see each of this natural metamorphosis as something that adds value to the clothing, because time gives to simple fabrics a history and an identity. Sark is an ancient British word meaning a rough linen shirt. Theresa Jackson, designer behind the brand, is originally from London and she set up her creative business in Sydney, Australia, in the 1980’s. Since then, she has been designing her own garments, far from the commercial world’s trends. Sark Studio has an artisanal approach to design with sustainability and quality as core elements of its aesthetics. Each collection is entirely handmade in Sidney by skilled makers that mainly work with pure natural fabrics, sourced in Italy and in Japan, as the Australian fabric manufacturing is sadly almost extinct. By using only the finest quality cloth and with the aim of zero waste, every piece of material is put to good use through dyeing techniques, hand treatments and embellishments all made in-house. Spare offcuts of fabrics are collected, pattern cardboard scraps are used for labels and cutwork paper is used for wrapping production. Featuring several patchwork pieces and beautiful motifs hand-stitched on lightweight organza dresses, Sark’s Fall-Winter 2015 collection faithfully mirrored the brand’s ethics.

Sark’s garments convey a certain sense of place, maybe infused by the warm roughness beauty of Australian nature. All the designs are pare down to the essence, and yet still cherish a poetical element, which make them truly unique.

  • Introducing Sark Studio

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    Sark Studio


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