Introducing Sojourner London by Francis Ho

An effortless fishing experience – Francis Ho 

This is how the emerging designer behind the new label Sojourner London sums up his debut collection. Based between London and Shanghai, Ho has a playful attitude and a wild passion (obsession) with Japanese undergound culture. Inspired by revolutionary creators such as Takahiro Miyashita during his time at (N)umber Nine and Hiroki Nakamura of Visvim, Francis developed his own clothing line, which is a mashup of workwear, utilitarian clothing and army wear infused with a hint of Americana. Elements borrowed from skate and hicking clothing come together with medical prosthetics creating quirky combinations that bear a strong, rough, street feeling. In spite of thier raw appearence, the garments are extremely well made, carefully deconstructed and entirely hand stitched together by Ho, which explains the limited availability and the slow production process, which sets the brand outside the seasonal dynamics of the fashion system. For his debut collection, the designer imagined a casual, yet very stylish, wanderer who goes around the streets of a big metropolis fishing for life experiences. The gritty, unusual, aesthetics and the unusual approach of its creator, make Sojourner London a brand worth to keep an eye on. 

  • Introducing Sojourner London by Francis Ho

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    Francis Ho

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