Introducing SPRMRKT Ibiza

Since the 60’s Ibiza has been one of the most popular holiday destination in Europe. Renowned for its wild parties and hedonistic lifestyle, the island actually offers a lot more than raves and clubs.

Beside the mass tourism and nostalgic hippies, there is another kind of visitors that look for the hidden beauties of the Spanish isle and appreciate its rough charm. To match their refined and unconventional style sense, the concept store SPRMRKT Amsterdam has recently opened a new shop in Ibiza featuring a selection of artisanal and avant-garde fashion brands. Located inside the art and design showroom La Maison de l’Elephant, SPRMRKT Ibiza blends high-end garments, leather goods and fine streetswear labels. The store showcases a well-balanced mix of experimental fashions and luxury products with a more folk appeal, reflecting both the eccentric and the bohemian aspects of the island. The wide and eclectic range of brands includes established names such as Rick Owens and Yang Li as well younger designers like VETEMENTS and award winning Marques’Almeida. With a special focus on craftsmanship, the accessory selection features artisanal brands like KUBORAUM sunglasses, Goti jewelry and Horisaki hats. Surrounded by exclusive furniture and art pieces, the goods stand out for their unique style as if they were art objects themselves, perfectly merging with the space’s minimalistic architecture. Conceived as a temporary pop-up shop, SPRMRKT Ibiza dreams to move in the northern part of the island and extend into an art gallery, bookshop and restaurant with a special program of cultural and music events to create a full SPRMRKT experience.

  • Introducing SPRMRKT Ibiza

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    La Maison de L’Elephant
    Can Bellotera – Carreterra Sant Josep – N.27 Sant Jordi,

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