Issey Miyake Autumn / Winter 2012

There is something you feel deeply yours at first touch. It doesn’t matter how much you will get to know about it, and is not such an experience that can be shared. It simply glows into your own world and preserve it in its warm aura. There is something lightly playful and of still earnest rectitude in Issey Miyake’s collections, and once again Yoshiyuki Miyamae enhanced this feeling with neat, aerial volumes merged in turgid forms, disclosing their intrinsic potential only in their dialectic with the body.

The tonic, pliant surfaces transfer a sense of uncorrupted yet welcoming aesthetic. Today the integrity of conception and Miyake’s attempt to fulfil and explore unitary simplicity has reached its mature state, making both conception and works as unitary as widely applicable, capturing one’s close and intimate cohesion. This integrity came as a natural tension through a life-long process of epuration, starting from the bare closeness with the simplest cloth and projecting it into the future with the development of exclusive treatments and technologies, still based on the variegate richness of hints from Japanese archaic culture.

For the Fall 2012 season, Miyake Studios worked on fresh textured and enhanced fabrics availing themselves of Miyamae’s Steam Stretch technique, while advocating technological forwardness with the 132.5 line above others. Structurally based on mathematical algorithms, 132.5 is a relatively new concept created in 2010. The complex study leading to the cohesive, light conceived design seals Issey Miyake’s essence itself, based on ever changing regeneration to materialize a deeply shaped unity.

  • Issey Miyake Autumn / Winter 2012

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Marta Fattori