Issey Miyake – Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Technology on a finer level embodies in aesthetic. The expression of balance is somehow hidden in between rationality and and instinct, and it can be defined. As the acceleration of drums marked in time a modern scottish melody, performed by the Open Reel Ensemble in the wide, airy hall mounted in le Tuilleries gardens, a subtly cool wind made space to dancing crowds of garments waving in movement to the unaltered air, crossed by composed lines in a mesmerising optical illusion on several levels.

As infinite rows on a countryside landscape seen from the heights of the air are logical concentration of pure colours and lines, rationality defined by casualty; an auto-oriented development lead by a creative force is at the heart of the work of Yoshiyuki Miyamae for Issey Miyake, leading to the solid teamwork behind those free architectures of patterns enclosing pure colour on multidirectional geometries, revisiting in an unique way the tartan. The claws of the air rambled on the cave fibres, product of the finest level of textile technology, making the lightness of garments vehicle of warmth to the body. The air particles crossed the fibres, seemingly challenging their own lightness, as being developed in an avant-garde method making them impalpable yet exceptionally effective to cold temperatures. So, the lightness of spring wins over winter, and the need of protection becomes a luminous shield of iris yarns, in which the body moves safe and unconstrained; while asymmetrical cuts makes those pieces similar to wings in perpetual quiver, as an aura silently following the body movements.

A glowing red vibrates in the air, hitting our eyes and our mind, toning down to joyful yellow and green shades, to contrast with the cold depths of blue and purple. Eventually, colours those smiles naturally shining on the distended faces of the models, captured in the positive energy that Issey Miyake has always produced in wit, rigour and talent.

  • Issey Miyake – Fall/Winter 2013-2014

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    Cecilia Musmeci

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